Tuesday, December 21, 2010

- 16

There were slow words and long goodbyes. we finally meant something to each other, but it's late, it's in dreams, it's as shiny little ghosts.  It’s been so long I can hardly remember the real thing. and I cant hardly forget.

I get hard thinking about it. You. I come. I sleep. I write. I get hard thinking about you. It. Do you?

I got all five fingers inside. you still have your spell on me. You let me have you like I wanted and it's always going to trump the average day to day bullshit grind or that other one you married or the ones who wish for you now.

That sickness we have. Shit, I thought it was love but it’s some other disease. I’m blind. I like you for what you are. I don’t speak. We don’t lie. Good things still will happen. We should fuck again. We should let this burn until......

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