Thursday, November 25, 2010

Many fine things

I'm in the shade, its Thanksgiving day, im writing this on the stone patio set in the photo. wireless is working fine. Through doors and walls and glass. And im tapping on glass, getting used to it. Words.
My family is coming over for the big dinner, been cooking all morning. I don't eat meat so they bring the bird, my sister the drinks, my grandparents, cousins, aunt, uncle,, it's a lot of guests this time. They all called, they are all running late. It's okay, I watch some football, I read a little. I go on the treadmill and after i go swimming in the pool. I wish it were cooler out, but i don't mind that i can swim today either. One half the other. Where you are and where you end up its where you're supposed to be. At least for today.

There was a back breaking afternoon a few weeks back, getting this patio set from my parents backyard to here. The parents just sold the house i spent my middle and high school years. They were just going to leave it for the new buyers but I wanted to keep something from the house. It was originally used at a fifties style diner that my father was part owner of. It's all he ended up getting out of it. don't get into something you know nothing about is the lesson there. And that the set is a beast to move and that it will be here a long long time, or at least for today.

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