Monday, April 27, 2009

and all her words, wishful thinking

I'm not sure how long i can keep this up with you.
before long i tend to grow tired of these games- of these words. not so much in
the meaning of them,
but to me, it is to burn burn burn bright with cause-
of concern,
to distract from our everyday without
force keeping your body
your heart
your mind
your love

is it not,
that same force, those chemicals and
words, pixels and syntax,
those careless fucking whispers
that make you mine.

isn't the life we have not
grand? not scary? not dangerous?
no matter how stable we think our footing.
and tell me why couldn't it be better
just to give me your extra time???
to be my muse
to sit for me,
to confuse
to destroy
to undress

spread before me on top of dirty sheets
in the dim light of a sea-side
motel room
or in your room
or in your mind

and so that we never grow tired,
let me sink my teeth!
give to me the sum of your extra parts.

if this is your wish, let me be not your only- for i do not ask this of you. only that i am your favorite.
and if i tell you how it pleases me, that it also pleases you.

as far as i know,
there is nothing
to keep this from happening.
or ever
to end.

art: Tara Mcpherson
Dino Alberto

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