Friday, March 27, 2009

if you can't be mine you will never be yours

i saw she had a sticker book under her desk. I just wanted to see it, so i took it when she went to sharpen her pencil. It was kind of sad because there wasn't much in it, a few pages of junk stickers and nothing else. Still, I ended up shoving it in my book bag. i liked her so much that i couldn't stop treating her mean.

At the end of class I saw her looking all over for the book, of course she blamed me. I had thrown her markers out of the window, one by one earlier in the week. The teacher didn't see and she didn't tell. But, this time she was really angry, she got all red in the face and even started crying. I told her i didn't have her stupid sticker book, what would i want with some ugly girls crappy stickers. she kicked me, hard and I deserved and half liked it. the bell rang again and it was the end of school.

i rode a bike home and on my way i stopped at the candy store. they had stickers. the good kind. the cool kind. hologram and scratch n stiff, snoopy and garfield, unicorns, rainbows, ...everything. I had money. I sold candy at school. I'd split up hubba bubba and bubble yum packs and sell them 25 cent a piece. Starbursts, Now and Laters, Jolly ranchers - they were my best sellers.

When she came into class the next day the book was on top of her desk . she glared at me, but i could tell she was excited to have it back. It was fun watching her open it, check to see if i messed anything up. I had spent half the night filling the entire book with the coolest stickers i could find. I made her cry again, but it was the good kind I think.

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Leslie said...

This made me cry.