Monday, December 28, 2015

Back to song writing

trust fund:

-Got the long beard and PBR
but thats not who we are
more than these skinny jeans,
thrift-store boots
vintage guitars-
Chrous- cuz long beards
come on baby girl,
let's selfie our tattoos then head out to
the local bar

-If you check me out online
Ill talk about
going down
because thats the thing to do
these days-
Chorus- Long beards - PBR 
North, South , East,West
we are taking over
your whole fucking town
-Coffee drinking
beanie wearing
Lana Del rey can kick your
sorry ass son of bitch
oh gosh golly neck and hand tattoos -  you'll go far
pussy eating 
pizza loving
shitty music listening
as long as we don't admit it
they won't know , wont know
Grew out a long beard-  money for PBR

Thursday, December 24, 2015

blinked and missed it

-whisper and you can not hear me
spilling words dull and sleepy
I am calling all you
sinking ships,
swollen lips
grinding hips-
swimming into the depths of our darkness
i asked for one truth-
two lies -
what of us?

-wear my mask
you can not see
if you've never seen me
you'll never see me.
if youve never read
between the lines
you'll never
hear me.   

Sunday, December 13, 2015

We could be magic , but..........

Lotta ink and a name like
self proclaim
promote, to what end?
or I could just shut up and get back to the mountain
but what fun is
a blank space
when you should be in

givin head to girls
is like something new?
or is it every jack rod guy just has to do
whatever the latest thing is it they are supposed to
now he is gonna hate on those couple pics that get a million likes
you know the ones with tattoos and skinny bitches entwined

in a bed or bath tub
but go ahead.  "life goal" it all you want
a self respectful gentlemen
fighting off the thirsty
but breaks the rules
for hungry, and 
when did 
BIG ass become a franchise?
Im going to put my words through a harmonizer
so you like
me better. 
everything once haunted
is now out in the open

boring and exposed
when secrets are no longer
then we are only left with

Sunday, December 6, 2015

You get what you deserve - you get what you ask for

to many late nights trying to figure it all out
futility in
letting you
futility in
not letting

made a sunshine smile at me in line at the store
thought about her all day long
a simple stranger glances no longer than a blink
and I  played house with her
all day long in my head. we kiss we hold hands
and i lie because
I am doing things to her-
fucking , choking, scratching , biting - holding her down
and this feels like some type of crime
that i will never ever ever pay for
we claw and grasp
and we are rough and filthy
and it's our secret. 
so we don't stop. 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Indian Feathers

The heart wants what it doesn't and when it does you're fucked. The dark sky in Fall kicks back as winter blows into town somewhere but not here. I'm to far down South. I imagine she sits by a fire with him, tied up in ribbons and bows. Let me think that at night in bed she dreams of escape.

  There is a sting in my heart and poison in my veins. I want to remember  her smile and laugh and whatever.... it's nothing. I keep thinking back to the road trips and sex in hotel rooms. Just moving each other up and down side to side always there and  somewhere else.

  She kisses me and the stars shine. I wanted a religion where i could suspend my disbelief. I'm glad i can hear the sound track so loud in my head. I can hear my words as if they are being typed out one after other. I'm living in my life but not living it. A bad actor, to shy, to afraid to make a mistake or be embarrassed. Hide behind lines I've written days ago and keep coming back to over and over again.